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Sheriff D'Agostini recently held a meeting with several approved CCW Instructors. He asked for our input regarding removing restrictions that El Dorado County had on their CCW's and revising the policy in any way that would make it more common sense oriented. For example, we discussed doing away with the restriction that makes El Dorado County issued permits invalid outside of CA. We talked about allowing 5 guns on the permit instead of only 3 (he wanted to allow any gun that you legally own but, he has to list every approved gun on the actual permit and 5 seemed to be the maximum that would fit). We also concluded that the new permits would be on a card similar to a driver's license or credit card rather than a piece of paper.

Throughout the meeting we discussed many other issues. It was very constructive. Sheriff D'Agostini is certainly CCW friendly and a very open individual.
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