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Originally Posted by goober View Post
As discussed previously in this thread, MCSO finally began accepting LTC applications a couple months ago, under their newly unveiled "shall issue" policy.

The new policy is apparently what most would consider shall-issue with respect to the good cause (GC) requirement, but far from it when it comes to establishing good moral character (GMC). Personal defense is (supposedly) being accepted as GC. But the GMC evaluation involves a series of invasive and intrusive interviews (both for the applicant and their employer/coworkers/neighbors), home visits, voice stress analyses, psychological evaluations, and the like, most of which go far beyond what is allowable under PC 12050-12054. They are basically subjecting LTC applicants to the same process and scrutiny that prospective MCSO sheriff's deputy applicants must undergo. But if you've read this thread you know all this already.

Now that the policy has been in effect for some time, we need to begin compiling information regarding peoples' experiences with the application process.
By collecting these data we can better understand how the new MCSO policy really performs in practice vs. theory.

So, if you have applied, please PM me and share as much as you are willing regarding your experience. If you've received your LTC, we need to know. If you were denied, it will help to know that too. And any observations regarding the actual experience itself are invaluable. How were you treated? Was it casual, relaxed, and pleasant, stressful and scary, or somewhere in between? How long did each step, and the total process, take?

And if you have not applied (due to the cost, invasive nature of the GMC tests, or any other reason), but wish you could, please communicate that as well.

Anything you share will be held in strict confidence. It is not necessary to reveal any personal information regarding identity or anything else.

Thank you all for your help with this project.
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