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Update for those wondering if they will still give you a conditional approval, when using the new online process for renewal, before asking for your training cert or if you need to submit the training cert with your initial packet. I found the reimbursement comment interesting.

Short answer: You can submit your initial renewal packet without the cert and they will give you a conditional approval first.

Hello OCSD,

I submitted my renewal for my CCW online (my last renewal was the older "manual" process) a little over a week ago. I did NOT submit my training cert with my initial application. For my initial permit and previous renewal we were told to wait for the conditional approval before paying for and completing the training cert. Is this still the case or should I go ahead and pay/complete my training cert and submit it online?
Good morning,

It is up to you, whether you’d like to complete your training now or wait for a conditional approval. If the training is done before, it would be accepted if you are to get conditionally approved, however, if you are not, the training will not be reimbursed.

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