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This is definitely a good time for you to apply. We are coming off of a hiring freeze and and in need of qualified applicants. You only have a small window of time to submit an application online, from 01-03-13 through 01-05-13, here is a link,
When/If you submit your application be careful to read the instructions, as I understand once you submit the information you will not be able to correct any mistakes.
It is difficult to get in to the CHP it took me nearly 2 years and there was a hiring freeze. But don't let that stop you from trying!
The written test is not too bad it will test your basic reading comprehension and grammatical skills, this test is pass or fail as is the physical agility test.
If you aren't in good physical shape right now, then start exercising because the 27 week academy involves a lot of running.
This is a very rewarding career and you can live in and work in virtually any city in the state.
Make sure to be truthful when answering questions and above all good luck and have fun!
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