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Originally Posted by Deadon View Post
Old Bald Guy hear ya. This is just like the guys that were wearing their guns out to starbucks "just because they could" That got us a long way eh?

apples & oranges
The guys who were UOC were trying to exercise a right in counties where they could not otherwise exercise this right. This is a form of protest which has a long history in this country and regardless of the outcome they should be commended for their efforts.
"The 'Spray and Pray' system advances triumphantly in law enforcement. In a recent case in a southwestern city...a police officer, when threatened with a handgun, emptied his 15 shot pistol at his would-be assailant, achieving two peripheral hits. The citizen was charged with brandishing a firearm, but the cop was not charged with anything, lousy shooting not being a diciplinary offense."
--- Jeff Cooper, June 1990

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Put you link where your opinion is.
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