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I am enjoying this thread. Seeing life come back to those old stocks

Year and years ago my dad showed me how to steam out dents.

For most of the small ones, we used wet rags and a solder iron

You do not need the larger surface of a clothing iron

You can also save the sand paper dust from your sanding

Mix the sandpaper dust with shellac and you have wood filler that is made partially with the dust from your stock. You can also place a few drops of shellac into the ding and sand over the top. The dust from the sanding then colors the shellac that is you filler
You then stain and finish as normal

I messed up my first stock by rushing the steps
I also used a wet tack cloth to pick up sand dust.
The tact was soaking wet and stood up little hairs of wood fiber

I also started in December when I was bored and it was too cold and too damp to get a decent finish results

Seeing this post makes me want to go attack a few rommys...
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