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Artemis is pretty good, IMO. They do a 16-hour course spread over two days. The cost was a little over two hundred dollars, plus ammo.
I first went to an Artemis Pre-CCW class and thought it was thorough. The instructor for that class was Steven Lieberman, a lawyer who handles CCW-related cases almost exclusively. His wife is the owner of Artemis, but he teaches some parts of their classes. I was on the fence, but after talking with him I decided to apply, and I signed up for the weekend class at Artemis.
Someone I know took a CCW class from another well-known instructor, and what was described to me seemed mind-numbing. The instructor was dead tired, and it showed; he was reading Powerpoint slides to the class like they were too dumb to read for themselves. Not only boring, but insulting, and probably useless.
The CCW class at Artemis has a few different instructors. Steven Lieberman did part, and other parts were handled by his wife (Sandy) and other instructors (all retired LEOs and/or ex-military). I have a short attention span, so I appreciate when a class is interesting and lively. At the end of our first day, one of the students went into the simulator (the 300-degree VirTra with five screens) and did a scenario. It was very interesting and thought-provoking to watch this. You can see the scenario if you search for "survive+thrive pistol training artemis" on YouTube.
Artemis offers a collateral benefit if you get CCW training there, in the form of a reduced-cost membership. This gets you access to group classes and a limited amount of time in their simulator (a 300-degree VirTra with five screens arrayed like a hexagon). If any other trainers are offering a similar deal, I'd be interested to know.
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