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I had an interesting experience of my own at the show today... As I was pulling into the dirt parking lot (across from the hotel) the parking attendant, before collecting $9(highway robbery), actually told me that there would be a 3-4 hr wait to get in and asked if I still wanted to park. I'm completely surprised that they said anything and didn't just collect my money. Very, very cool of them to do that. I paid and was just pulling into a space and reconsidered, headed back to the entrance and she gladly handed my money back to me

But, I wasn't going to completely give up. So, I drove by the front of the convention center and saw the GINORMOUS line. Still undeterred, I pulled into one of the many surrounding office building parking lots that were marked "Absolutely no convention center parking" and PARKED, FOR FREE, **** 'em! Walked over, bought my ticket, got in line for about 20-25 minutes and in I went. Now, it was a zoo for sure and ammo was indeed the hot commodity. I was looking for .45ACP and the lines at LAX and the other big retailer that was there(can't remember their name) were ridiculous! And then, almost my accident I ran into Surefire MFG. They were out of virtually everything but were offering free shipping to your door if you placed an order at the show. Frankly, I can't see why more folks didn't take advantage of that vs. schlepping around 100 lbs. of ammo around the show. So, I paid $157 for 500rnds and I'll see it in a week or two, easy peasy.

On another note, this is only the second show that I've been to and the first was Del Mar a few weeks ago. And It's clear to me that if you're into AR-15's, tactical bags or Chinese pocket knives this is the show for you. But, if you were looking for a bit more variety, as I was, you undoubtedly walked away disappointed
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