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This thread, about women keeping themselves safe in a car, has been around for a while, but I finally have something to add.

I think everyone knows that Walmart parking lots are particularly dangerous (sorry Walmart, but it's true. Target too, in my experience). Two different times, this summer, I have been in Walmart parking lots and had to run off possible trouble.

In one case, I was getting out of the car, in the other I was loading groceries into the trunk. Both times, an older guy, looking maybe homeless, started to approach me with Windex and squeegee. I say, "No thanks, not interested". He keeps coming. I yell "Get away from me, I'm not interested". Now he's about 20 feet away, and still coming. I go on full alert, posture very aggressive, hand on you-know-what in my handbag. And then I screamed "Get the F*** away from me RIGHT NOW". You should have seen him flinch! He started backing away, saying "sorry, sorry lady". And I quickly got in the car, locked the doors and drove away.

  • Now, maybe he really wanted to earn a buck washing my windows. But maybe not.

  • Maybe he kept coming because he didn't hear me or maybe not.

  • But truly, when I went into full defensive mode, screaming at the top of my lungs, aggressive stance, ready to rock, if you know what I mean, he got the message loud and clear. And backed down.

  • I know I was really weak in situational awareness until I started posting here. But I'm getting better. Still working on it.

  • I'm not going to win in any hand-to-hand situation. I know that, without doubt. So I have to be armed and ready before they can grab me, or better still, far, far away.

  • I've always believed that walking around looking like I was "hell on wheels, more trouble than I was worth" is a good policy. I still do. These people are looking for easy targets, not someone who's obviously going to fight back. So look like you are definitely going to fight back, and that you're going to be loud and a lot of trouble. Now that I'm getting older, I have to work at this extra hard.

  • Don't be afraid to make a scene. Make a BIG scene. All kinds of people were watching me face these jerks down. So make that scene if you have to.

This whole thing scared me enough that my situational awareness is WAY better. It's a risky way to improve your SA, but it's working for me. And the more SA, the better.
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Keep a handgun on your bedside table.
Don't smart-mouth judges, or cops who stop you on the road.

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