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Well I'm shiney new to the whole california gun scene so I had no idea about all the legal nonsense out here. I just seperated from the military and I only intend to shoot for sport (keep my skills up) and not for hunting or home defense. I'm only really comforable with military style rifles. As in rifles with a pistol grip. I recently ordered a FN FiveSeven USG and and thought I might get the FN FS2000 to compliment it. Or at least go with the tried and true civilian equivalent of my old M4. I was a tactical team instructor in the service and now I find that I can't get my usual kicks with CQB suitable weapons in Cali. If I had know it was going to be like this I would have taken up that offer to roll to Sniper School. Then I could just plug away with bolt action all day long and be happy with that. I suppose maybe this would be a good time to figure out this whole long range marksman stuff.

Anyway I'm trying to decide on a rifle and I would like one that I would be comfy with. Since my usual carbines and subguns are a no go, I figure I need the closest thing to it without buying something rediculous like a pump action AR. Otherwise I might just get a heavy barrel M14 or a Remmington700 and get into the long gun stuff.

I guess a mk 19 is out of the question. I guess I need to reenlist to play with the real toys.
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