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Originally Posted by bombadillo View Post
I would amend my answer to include CZ. Didn't even think of them but they make EVERYTHING well. From CZ75 to Dan Wesson, to their bolt guns, they are truly an awesome company. I'd like to see their version of a new assault rifle designed from scratch.
I shot a 9mm CZ AR in Switzerland. It was polymer, shot like a dream, was a lot lighter than I thought it would be. Cool 20 round clear mag. I WISH I had spent the time to get the name of the gun, but it had a folding stock, unfolded was prob 2 feet long. I have pics somewhere here.

target at 10 meters (yeah, close, but big deal) Some shots are from P210 and were not aimed at center.
I had a heckova time with the ghost ring.


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