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Originally Posted by onequickshift View Post
And its not an attitude, just a statement, its never to late to change ones life style and become healthier. I've worked with a 60yo woman both in gym and on range, who has a healthy love for revolvers lol.

Lastly and again, if I come off a bit aggressive I do apologize for the coarseness, but unless someone is really disabled? There isn't an excuse for why someone doesn't better themselves, and increase their survivability in a natural disaster, or utilizing their kit complimented by their skillset and fitness level to increase the odds of their safety and those around them.

If others feel insulted, apologies. If others feel inspired to change their life style, or have already and this just pushes them further along to get to their goals. Thats good. Just saying if someone wishes to make effective use of what they buy, being properly trained, as well fit enough to combatively sustain or take action, is a good thing.
Don't apologize. You have an attitude - a good one. You don't sound aggressive to me, you sound motivating and knowledgeable. I am getting close to 60, yoga is giving me my edge. Lots of upper body, balance and flexibility along with a warrior focus and mindset. I am also enjoying the improvements in my shooting. Its all good.
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