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Ummm...last weekend after competing in Vegas for the Olympia, myself and a handful of friends all went shooting, pistols, rifles, shotguns...

Honestly, if someone really wants to shoot a weapons system, they'll have to train their body as well...I don't find the guns heavy at all lol. But maybe I'm different, my 16" BCM upper by most is considered "heavy" lol. I have a moe grip, ctr stock, and just finished the build literally right before the Olympia lol.

Pink is fine, but I prefer FDE or BLK. Gray looks good from the above image. But my daughter actually loves pink, and that will be going her Noveske and BCM builds...if my kids can shoot an AR just fine...

My younger cousin a year ago was 93 pounds, feather weight, had trouble shouldering a shotgun and an AK she wanted. She ended up spending a year training, is now 114 pounds of lean muscle, has gone into fitness modeling, and has been running some classes with her new AK and 870 extac...she had an mp sport she koted pink, but has since ditched for a purpose build ak, and is assembling a green ar in 300BLK...

Its just mindset. Fire Arms are weapons systems, not toys, or accessories, if someone is serious about shooting, they need to own up to what it takes to use and train with such things.

Its like pretty barbie dolls with their stock beemer 3 series, then there are others with mean nasty heavily built corvettes lol. Just differences in ppl...
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