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Originally Posted by AKS-762 View Post
So here I am, a life-long CA resident that bought a Poly Teck AKS-762 (16" barrel & non-colapseable whood stock) back in the late 80s and registered it in the Roberti-Roos sweep. Shortly thereafter, I lost interest in guns until recently. My interest is perking up again and I'm dusting off my old buddy - been to Burro's twice with it and no one has even looked at my AKS sideways. Now I learn, that there was some second piece of legislation, SB-23 in 2000 (because some politidiots needed a feather in their cap for re-election) that I missed. Am I screwed or ok?
If you registered it under RR then you are ok. You did not need to register it a second time.
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