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Hey Guys,

It's late in the week and I'm still not completely done with the stages.
I am now
I will say though you will be in for a treat this month, new Rifle and Slug steel targets.

Rifle at 75 to 150 off hand and Slug targets 50-75-100 off hand.

Also a new look at knock over shotgun targets, I am going to order 60 of these targets to introduce into the match to be shot with pistol, shotgun, and whatever else I can dream up.

You will need the usual Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun ammo with Slugs and Buck Shot.
I will be using #4 as well as 00 Buck myself.

You won't need a sling this month and not a bunch of weird stuff. Just good ole meat and potato's shooting and lots of it.

The USPSA 3Gun Nationals are the following week, so I am trying to pattern the stages like what you might see there.

I will be instituting a par time of 210 seconds on the Rifle stages and possibly on 1 or 2 of the other stages in order to keep the flow going.

The weather looks really good in the middle 70's so,
Please be early and sign up so we can get started on time.

See you all this weekend.

P.S. I will post the stages as soon as I have them finished.

The stages are posted below and on the website.

Sammy Out!

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