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Default Next build and Anodizing

Current date: Sat April 27th
This will be held from 8am to 4pm

Use this link to schedule

I am adding a warning on 80%arms i am not putting on no build list just warning
They have a weak spot at mag well where it is very thin and during build the pressure cut through there. If you want to build them it is ok however we r not going to refund or take any responsiblity for damage. This is up too you as all we do is rent CNC out to you. This is where the grove was cut in from front side to drill hole for mag release, that is same spot where it's dips in on inside of well. Now I have seen this done bye other company but that company builds up the aluminum so no weak spot accrues.

We do not sell 80% lowers at the build you must bring in your own 80% lower to complete you can buy and get to you quick at Any brand/style of 80% we can do But always say 80receivers is the best, but we can not do the "old style" 0%, 30% or 60% lowers.if you have one you want done must be at private part as they take forever to complete wear nice shoes u will be standing at CNC for like 1 1/2 or so lol
If you want to buy in San Jose we do sell 80s up too thurs. at noon just email me.

Hello fellow Calgunners, want to let everyone know that will be hosting a build parties for you to finish your AR-15 80% lower receivers. The price is $75 per lower. There have been numerous lowers cut on the machine and all have come out flawless and satisfaction is guaranteed. Please post what time slot you would like in the thread and follow it with an email to me and I will update the post to show your time slot as reserved.

Each lower will take around 10 minutes to cut so the reservations are set in 20 minute slots. Ex. if you have 3 lowers to finish you will need a full one hour time slot. Please make sure to show up at least 15 minutes early for your reserved slot.

Who may attend: Any person who may legally possess a CA-Legal AR15 can build their own. You must not be a "prohibited person", must be 21 or older, and both a US Citizen and CA resident. Builders may bring a +1 with them as long as they are 21 or older and also not a "prohibited person". +1's may not assist with the machining of the 80%/ in ANY way.

Please be aware that DIY 80s can not be finished at builds also Rouge 80s are 50 50, some ok so not most not.
Will be am sending out emails on anodizing this week, towards the end of the week there is going to be a special trip to pick up a chip, so anyone interested in anodizing on that day and on that date only email me.
This is only for 80 customers. The special is for our customers and our customers only you must have bought from us. To receive the discounted rate. This chip is only good for that one drop the chapel change for each time we have the anodizing party. We will Send Arnold a list of everyone is going to drop off an 80 receiver for anodizing. Please do not attempt to tell him it's ours if it's not, if anyone does this they will be banned from future parties.
Clint Atkins
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