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Originally Posted by AYEAREFIFTEEN View Post
Very good post BWO, and welcome back.

One other thing to watch out for would be if an LEO were to ask "do you mind if I search you vehicle?" Your first instinct would be to respond with a big fat "no" but now you have just told the LEO that you do not mind if they search your vehicle. Some people are naturally nervous or uneasy when confronted by law enforcement and can very easily make a mistake when responding to their questions.

An attorney once told me the best response to give a LEO when confronted with any kind of question asking for consent to search a vehicle would be "You may not search my vehicle." Simple, to the point, and very little chance to be misconstrued.
good point.... but to add to that.... if at anytime you are consenting to a search... you may withdraw you consent, and the search must end unless the cop has RS to continue seaching
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