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Originally Posted by LdyApxr View Post
Some mothers are not the best option to raise the kids and actually sometimes the kids are better off with the father. I have two brothers who have custody of their children because both of their wives were complete f-ing wackos. Step outside of it and look at how she behaves around the children.

Case in point... A good friend of ours met a girl(I hated her from the get go, just bad juju!) and they had a kid and got married and about 4yrs in to it, it was going South in a BAD way. He didn't want to have his son raised in a broken home so he tried to stick it out but it was constant fighting. During one fight, she yelled at him "LOOK AT WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO YOUR SON!!!" He said he looked over, saw his son and went "That's it" He now has custody and she has visitation. He didn't want her to be out of his life but she was intent on making everything his fault as witnessed by the "What You're doing to YOUR son", not "What we are doing to our son"
Very good point

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Originally Posted by bulgron View Post
(For the record, I think my grandchildren will be retired and moved to AZ before shall-issue CCW comes to this screwed up state... and my kids are still currently young teenagers.)
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Wow. I'd work harder to stop the underage sex in your family

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