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Originally Posted by teh.killer.of.zombies View Post
Well this works as well. Let me say I did not have a male role model or father figure growing up. So I never was raised in this sense. I was told by my fiances step dad that this was true as well.

So that's why I am asking. Would you feel its to late to change her mindset? By becoming the alpha of the relationship? See I have tries once but very lightly. She was raised to be strong and show no emotion. That a guy will not provide anything for her that she cannot do on her own. Her mother has never told her " I love you ". She has expressed she feels like a dude and its hard for her to talk or for her to be sensitive to the issue.

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You cannot change other people....only yourself. Standing up for yourself and being a man is something you do for yourself, not to try and change someone else.

It comes down to deciding for yourself how you deserve to be treated. If you're not getting what you need or want and there is no hope that you will. The choice is fairly simple.

But from what you described of her, there is no changing that.....unless she has some epiphany on her own and decides to seek help for herself.
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