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Originally Posted by teh.killer.of.zombies View Post
Thank you as well. Well during a break up period I did stay living on the couch. This didn't work too well as obviously for me there is still romantic feelings. Also the lack of privacy for myself at the time. Plus she would still go through my phone or ask who it was I was texting and what not.
That would be part of the clearly defined rules and spaces thing. Separate bedrooms and private space. Your cell phone and computer off limits.

I feel she is completely lost. I have been hoping the jumping through hoops and following her requests and MAKING it OBVIOUS that there is no cheating or reason for distrust, that the trust will be renewed. But alas I feel she has never trusted in her life lol. I've been accused of sleeping with her mother (who watches our kids) if it takes me longer than normal to pick kids up.
Yeah, there's a pathology going on here that is beyond what a text message from an ex would bring up. You're not going to earn her trust and quite frankly she needs to work on her extreme insecurity. And not to breed even more dissent, but when someone reacts that strongly, firing off wild usually means they're hiding a guilty conscience.
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