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Originally Posted by pitfighter View Post
"anyone think the prices of C+R rifles are going to fall off?"

Simple question complicated answer.

Some C+R never really increases "enormously" in value - they just bob up a down over the years, in little increments.
Vetterli rifles, Carcanos, Swedish Mausers - or any contract Mauser's other than German, etc.,
(Yes, yes there are high value examples in any generalization, but, good luck getting a quick sale on a high end rarity.)

Look at 1950's American Rifleman magazines, they were the "cheap-stuff" back then, too.
(I bought MP44 and MP40 parts kits, the parts kits have a zero on the end of what I paid for them. I couldn't believe no one else was buying.)

Some like WW2 German, Snipers of any type, Rifles that are Combat associated, or used in specific battles, (and I don't mean actual examples, just the same "model.") are always going command a premium.
Good quality American made Arms are always going to be a safe investment.

I got into the game around 1996 - and read a ton of old magazines watched the increase in prices of various items, and they haven't changed much.
A film like Fury, or video game like CoD, will do what Rat Patrol or Combat did a few generations back.
They just steadily rise in value.

Jap stuff is always going to be a bit cheaper, with the difficulty of cheap ammo, truly decrepit state of manufacturing of late war rifles, and general awkwardness. But even those I see rapidly going up in price, not dropping off.

The economy is something else altogether, when it gets hit, so do high end-hobbies - is there going to be an economic crash - if I knew that I'd be at the racecourse.

In short my answer to your question is, "no."

Watch prices, buy now, be careful with your firearm and watch your investment grow.
The simple answer is buy low sell high. Hard to predict future. You are right about Carcanos it took me years to sell an extremely rare version. However I quickly sold a rare South American contract version for big money it even had some problems.

I am amazed on Japanese prices even in late 1990's-early 2000's I remember them selling for very little.
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