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Since "all men come genetically equipped to handle firearms", he may be right (MASSIVELY sarcastic). Women have many advantages in shooting because we know that we are not genetically equipped and have to actually learn the skill and the sport, and practice it.

Many of us, but not all, grew up being patronized by our fathers. We know they meant well, but it's so insulting. I'm ancient, but my dad thought I should live at home until I married. He thought it was too dangerous for me to light a charcoal grill. But weirdly, he thought it was ok for me to come home from work alone at night in the Boston subway system. Go figure...

Ya gotta just make allowances for your Dad, say the daughter-equivalent of "Yes Dear" and carry on with your search. It isn't easy to find the right carry gun, never mind the holster! Everyone seems to have 10.

One of our local shooting ranges, Sac Valley Shooting center is having a club swap meet, and I'm hoping to try out several holsters then. And a friend who as the proverbial 10 holsters has lent me several. The fit isn't thrilling so far, so the search continues. Look here in the Women's Forum for a thread by Bugguts, who is inventing a really cool system of a Spanx type tank top undershirt, with velcro, to attach a soft holster anywhere you want it. Very neat.

Persevere, humor your dad, you can't change him, and don't be talked into too small a calibre. You want to stop the BG on the first try, not the fourth...
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