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Default Man says, "A gun is like a car.......

you just get in a drive it. You might not like it, but that's how it is. Get over it!" This was in response to me stating that I've been searching in December for a CCW gun I'm comfortable with. SHEESH!
It was my Dad, of course. He knows best. His adult, married with children, daughter couldn't possibly have the ability to decide on my own what's right for me. He still is pushing for me to purchase another revolver. For some reason I think he feels I can't handle a semi auto. He also suggested the only way I'd carry is in a purse. I've never mentioned how I'd like to carry, but in a purse is NOT my idea of best case. Apparently I just need myself a little LCR and a carry purse. Sigh....Anyone else have a man TRYING to help, but just getting in the way?
Please tell me I'm not alone here!?
The answer to 1984 is 1776!
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