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Originally Posted by ElDub1950 View Post
No, that's wrong. OceanBob provided the links and details. Read all his responses above.
While he's wrong from a legal standpoint, when travelling through "hostile territory" its a good idea to keep the ammo and gun separate, and locked in separate cases even if the law doesn't mandate it.


Because all it takes is one dumb cop to ruin your day. Since an unloaded handgun is worthless for defensive purposes anyhow, may as well go the extra mile to make it home at night without any detours or sore wrists from handcuffs. When travelling through Illinois which has a similar statute to California's, I lock the gun and ammo separately-and field strip the pistol into a non-functional condition. When transporting rifles, I take out the bolt.

That way-even though the letter of the law doesn't require it-if I get stopped by Sergeant Hoplophobe, I go home instead of to a jail cell, vehicle impound, then a lawyers office for the lawsuit, then a bank ATM to pay the fees for the lawyer and the impound, get my damaged car back, then go to a hearing where the government flips me the bird, I appeal, and then pay more money to file a SEPARATE injunction with the court to get my property back, which is now damaged from being stored in a police locker room for 30+ days.
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