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Originally Posted by jgraham7897 View Post
I have read the original post multiple times and am pretty sure I am safe but just want to make sure. When I bought my Glock 22 I worked as Federal Correctional Officer and got the Law Enforcement package. I also purchased a couple extra 15 round magazines. I am no longer working in this field. Am I safe to continue using my 15 round magazines?
After reading several of these threads and posts on this topic, it appears that active LEO's can purchase and keep for their own use (even after they're no longer a LEO):

1 -- An unlimited number of off-list handguns (such as Gen 4 Glocks), correct?
2 -- An unlimited number of hi-cap magazines, even if purchased after 2000, correct?
3 -- And are also exempt from the importation rule, so that they can legally bring new hi-cap magazines into CA from other states for their own use, correct?

As an active LEO who expects to be in a new non-LEO position relatively soon, I guess it would be a smart thing to buy all the hi-cap magazines I can afford now while I still can! Even if I don't yet own the gun for them to be used in! (Unfortunately, me and my peers have received three surplus letters in the last two years. Being told by your employer that you are a "surplus employee" doesn't leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy!)

But here's my real concern... I'm not concerned about being stopped and questioned about my guns or magazines at the range or anywhere else. My concern is this... some years down the road, as private citizens of CA, what if either my wife or I had to use one of our guns in a SD or HD situation and the gun was fully loaded with a hi-cap magazine (ie a 15-17 round Glock)? Especially my wife?