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Not LEO here, but own a rental property in DHS and have several relatives living there.
I can say that the past several years the PD has done a great job 'taking out the trash'. If they had not, I would not have purchased my property in January, 2011.
I have followed DHS politics for many years and the term 'Cronyism' applies. I like DHS because of the natural environment, not the residents. I might even retire there one day. I have a vested interest in seeing the city continue to improve. I truly hope they find a good candidate for the job.
If you LEO's are interested in reading about one heck of an operation, 'Google' the term 'OPERATION FALLING SUN'. This was the 2009 multi-agency operation that let the losers know that LE was paying attention. Almost 600 officers from various agencies in So Cal brought their 'A game' and showed no mercy.
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