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Originally Posted by LkPillsburyDude View Post
I've never hunted pigs with dogs, as long as you know what to do if one gets hurt and take the proper precautions like those collar guards and such I dont see a problem with it. I have used my Brittany Spaniels for pheasant hunting however, and I can tell you watching the dogs work and have fun out in the field is way more enjoyable and entertaining than shootin the birds. I would imagine it would be the same way with pig hunting.
I have no doubt in my mind that it is most likely very enjoyable watching your pet go to work for you and im sure many pet owners get a huge amount of satisfaction from it, but like i said, IMO, there isnt anymore sport to hunting bear or pig with dogs than signing up for a hunt and killing em on private property.

We have the same things were I live, a guy up the road for me raises pigs, huge ones, then lets them go on private property for paid hunts. Stupidest thing Ive every seen, and ive seen alot of stupid things.

You really want to know how good you are, try bear hunting or pig hunting without the dogs, and then ill show respect. To me , using dogs, hell, might as well use a helicopter like they do on hunts in alaska. How can that be construed as fun? So you can brag you shot this big bull, but leave out the part where the guy gave you the gps cordinates that led you right to them? That aint hunting in my mind. YMMV.

From my own experience, hunting bear is pretty easy without the dogs, I have no idea why you would to make it any easier. As for pigs, they can be harder, but pig aint much different than deer around my parts for hunting, well, maybe a bit harder than deer, but not by much. A few friends hunt turkey, and ive been told thats pretty tough hunting.

do have a dog story though....

Last month i was in the hills riding my quad with some friends just screwing around, 3 guys come up in a beat up POS pickup with the bed /hood converted for dogs for hunting bear/pig/cats/whatever... all 3 looked like they had sex with their mom, and there was no doubt in my mind these guys poach bear, probably for the bladders, so they can have a income other than collecting welfare. You know how you can just tell some people are shady? Thats the feeling we all got, but anyway, they stopped and asked us if they saw any dogs, and that they lost 2. They had the antenna for the radio freq collars hanging out the window, and we heard em driving around slow for a bit before we took off. We got a real strange vibe off them. Every time we asked a question they were real evasive, and didnt want to tell us anything..then they contridicted themselves.. they were up to something shady.

Anyway, not saying that people using dogs are derilects, because there are plenty of nice hardworking people I know that use dogs, and for whatever reason they believe in using them for hunting. I just dont subscribe to that theory. i just thought id share that story, thats all.
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