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Default Schoepf v. Harris (DROS delays)

Schoepf v. Harris
Issue: Petition alleges that Cal. DOJ's policy of issuing DROS delay letters is unlawful; delays are only authorized by PC 28220(e) for non-payment of DROS fees or if purchaser cannot be identified due to incomplete/incorrect info on the DROS application, and may delay only until correct application info/fees are submitted.

Current Status:
As of 3/24/2014 - Case complete.

11/12/2013 - Judgment entered for Defendants.
10/23/2013 - Writ Denied as Moot (given passage of AB 500) {good call, Tincon}.
9/24/2013 - Hearing continued to 10/23/2013.
8/1/2013 - Hearing continued to 9/24/2013 at 8:30am, Dept 51.
5/13/2013 - Answer filed.
4/11/2013 - Petition for Writ of Mandate filed & served.

Trial Court: Cal. Super. Ct. - Fresno
Case No.: 13CECG01132
(enter Case No.)

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CGF Wiki Litigation page:

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