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Originally Posted by t0rin0 View Post
It looks like you already have the holes drilled. How did you do that if you don't know where they are supposed to be? With a jig? And are they different than a regular single action 1911? If so, hopefully someone else will chime in. If not heres your direction:

Step 1) look at the pinned post in this forum about blue prints

Step 2) click on the PRINTS link

Step 3) scroll to the bottom for the 1911 manuals, click on Volume 2 and go to page 70


andmancrex is looking for information on the light double action version of Para Ordnance's 1911.

Your best bet is to have someone with an LDA measure it for your. Have you tried the for PO LDA owners?

Check at the bottom of this link This has very good tear down info and the provider of this info listed his email address. You might ask him to measure this for you.

or, this guy is selling his. he might help you...

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