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Thumbs up Sewet Gun Range 1,000 yard range. Anyone been there?

Anyone been there? I'm thinking about checking this place out. Please post your experience below or pictures. or if you live near there check it out for our fellow calgunners ? Thanks

From the photo "Range fee $25" PER HOUR higher than any other ranges I have been to. $25 the whole day I'm fine with, but if its a quality range and no bs and FUD from range master it might be worth it? *cough cough unlike Lytle creek even though its the closest one I would never go there unless I'm just using shooting bolt action.

Typical long range data collection on various ranges and ammo type, zero rifle and cease fires in between firing to set targets up, most likely 4-6 hours if not more? $25x ~5= ~$125 per session? Probably better to pay the $1,000 annual for unlimited range time.

Located at 32700 HWY 371 (Big Moe's Smoke Shop)
Anza, California 92539

Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Phone (951) 514-9185

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