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Actually oil is not a good idea for O-Rings, silicon oil or grease is though.
I use a very small amount of silicon oil on the O-Rings and small amount of grease for lubrication at the bolt or areas connected to the airstream. Regular oil for moving parts such as pivots/hinges on side lever bolts. I have read on other Forums that highly compressed air can do funny things with air when mixed with oil, so I just don't use it.
There are air rifle specific barrel cleaning items out there, such as a pull through nylon string (Similar to a weed whacker string) to be able to push through the barrel and sound shroud, then pull through a patch/brush.
I just use a bore snake without any bronze bristles in it. They have them without bristles for .177 and .22 if you look for them. I also have a .25 caliber that I removed the bristles from a bore snake to use on it. Most air rifle barrels use a somewhat softer metal than a powder burner, so you need to be aware not to use too harsh methods to clean the barrel.
That is pretty much all I use aside from wiping down the exterior with a mildly soaked oily rag after each use when putting away.
Never used the felt cleaning pellets, dunno how that would work, but I have seen plenty of folks using them.
I also only clean the barrel when I recognize the accuracy starting to degrade, that's an indicator to clean the barrel using the bore snake without bronze bristles. Clean and you're good to go for a about a 600 shots (depending on your rifle) until it starts to degrade over....repeat.
I would highly recommend perusing the Yellow Forum if you wish to become more educated on air rifles.
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