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Originally Posted by lugar View Post
OK Gene found a headline that appears to agree with you but found this in the body of the article
"The usually talkative Brown didn't respond to our requests to be interviewed, but on Friday, his spokeswoman, Christine Gasparac, said the attorney general wouldn't be submitting another brief."

Read more:

Haven't yet found them endorsing Whitman.
How about you quote that headline:

Gun opponents up in arms as Jerry Brown aids NRA

It may come as a surprise to many of his Democratic supporters, but Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Brown has gone to bat for the National Rifle Association.

The NRA's cause: urging the U.S. Supreme Court to guarantee the ability of gun owners across the land to keep and bear arms.

Last year, the high court struck down a ban on handguns in Washington, D.C., ruling for the first time that the Second Amendment's right to bear arms applies to individuals who keep a gun at home for self-defense. But the court made it clear the ruling applied only to the District of Columbia, a federal enclave.

Now, gun advocates are challenging Chicago's handgun ban, asking the Supreme Court to rule that the Second Amendment equally applies to the states. And there was no shortage of states - 34 in all - jumping on the bandwagon in support of the court hearing the case.

In July, before the court agreed to take the case, Brown went so far as to file his own friend-of-the-court brief asking that Chicago's gun ban be overturned - arguing that if the court doesn't act, "California citizens could be deprived of the constitutional right to possess handguns in their homes."

His stance has angered a number of gun control proponents.

Julie Leftwich, legal director of Legal Community Against Violence, said this isn't simply about Brown defending the Second Amendment - it also marks a dramatic turnabout from the administration of his Democratic predecessor, Bill Lockyer, a staunch gun control advocate.

"Jerry Brown hasn't shown leadership in the legislative arena related to the issue of gun violence prevention ... and he hasn't sponsored or weighed in on any significant gun bills," Leftwich told The Chronicle's Carla Marinucci.

Brown's pro-gun stand has also left some San Francisco officials scratching their heads. They're awaiting a ruling in the Chicago case to see how it might affect two local gun-rights lawsuits.

"I'm just gratified that the attorney general in his filing has acknowledged that California has been a national leader in passing commonsense legislation to regulate firearms," City Attorney Dennis Herrera said.

With the high court now agreeing to hear the Chicago case, the only question remaining was whether Brown - amid lobbying from both sides in the fight - would weigh in with another brief on the case's merits by Monday's deadline.
I've also posted some facts before that you may not be aware of. Jerry Brown:

1. Demoted Division of Firearms to a Bureau.
2. Iggy is gone.
3. Magazine lock permanence regulation abandoned.
4. Refocused BoF on armed prohibiteds instead of law abiding gun owners.
5. Prohibited BoF from lobbying for anti-gun bills. The lobbyist left and was the guy who worked on AB-962 for the Governator.
6. Opposed AB-962
7. Filed the Amicus talked about above.
8. Alison Merrilees is gone.

The only thing I've heard him do is there is a recent media item running around that he said the AW ban was constitutional. I can tell you his office is, shall we say, not too aggressive in Peņa - where we're suing the state and his office defends.

There are a couple of more items that will hopefully surface in the next 60 days. Let's just say that Brown has done more to protect guns than Schwarzenegger.

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