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Originally Posted by Pvt. Cowboy View Post
I wonder why, considering that CA's 'waiting period' on handgun purchases -- the first ever in the nation -- was signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Also, the CalGuns Foundation as a fully qualified 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization should not be taking such positions.
FUD... California has had a waiting period since around 1923. While I am not sure if California was the first state, Jerry Brown did not sign into law the first waiting period or even the first expansion of the waiting period in California.

Other then he is a democrat, what is people's real objection to him. when a lot of people say they don't trust him or like him their reasoning comes down to his is a democrat. when people say they think he is a good choice, they at least point to things he has done that are pro 2nd amendment.

does it need to be pointed out again that our first Assault weapons law became law because of a Republican? The 50 cal ban, the pending mail order ammo ban, micro stamping etc are all law because of a Republican.

I am not a democrat, I don't tend to vote democrat, but I try not to be blinded by party labels. the 2nd amendment isn't or should it ever be a republican only cause.

as for calguns foundation taking a position...are they? or are members just voicing their own opinion? which is 100% legal. I haven't seen anything yet personally that said Calguns foundation endorses X candidate. don't confuse and calguns foundation.
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