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Originally Posted by OSS View Post
Haven't been on in a while, but I was approved last month as well as my Father.
Near effortless process. The Sheriff wanted personal protection on the good cause statement. My dad nor I had an interview. I went to what I thought was an interview appointment, but ended up being my livescan and firearm check apt. A month later due to application processing backup, I received my permit.
My second handgun was not on the safe list it was just checked to see if it was stolen and verified it was in ok working order by the Sheriff. Both firearms are on my permit. Keltec PF-9 if you were wondering and a H&K Usp Compact.
Did the new sheriff reverse the policy requiring all permit guns to be on the Safe Handgun Roster? That would be great if he did! I will try to verify this, as that would open up a whole laundry list of guns I can add to my CCW.

I see your location is Lodi, which is not Calaveras County, so are you referring to Calaveras or San Joaquin County?
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