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Default Keywords for non-melting/exploiding/fire-causing AC/DC adapters?

Feather-light AC/DC adapters dropping from China, and I have used a few here and there.

Are there key words that can be searched for so you get a proper power AC/DC adapter, with a transformer?

How do YOU find the correct barrel-connector size w/no Radio Shacks in the area? Calipers?

My USB 2.0 Staples hub was falling apart, and not staying on it's base after years of abuse. So... I got one of the fancy, cheap, USB 3.0 7-port hubs with switches on each port, and a fancy blue LED clearly identifying if the port is on or off, and the adapter felt about empty. I used the staples adapter (2.6A, vs the 1A that came with the new adapter), as I was scared to use the one that came with it, but it got me thinking... what do other people do, use the China adapters?
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