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Originally Posted by ipser View Post
This purpose of this thread is to discuss the political analysis methodology and results.

The results will be collected and presented here:

(Everyone is welcome to update that page with additional results and information but please only add and refine, don't delete.)

The immediate goal is to acquire a complete and accurate model of the gun control position in the minds of the average voter, primarily, (as well as gun control extremists, secondarily).

The next goal will be to develop a set of strategies and tactics to influence public opinion on the RKBA and the 2A.

Ultimately, our goal is to move public opinion in favor of the RKBA and toward defense of the 2A. Even in California.
I fear you are using terms that will alienate the average reader-- "model of gun control," "methodology," "analysis"?

It is not clear (to me at least) what we are supposed to do. I would never presume to edit a wiki. I don't even know how.
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