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A "split PPT" appear to be runnable as "gun show transaction".

Calgunner/FFL 'mscale5' wrote about this year or two ago, I've appended here:

From, (with a bit of reformatting from me):
If you are a CA PRIVATE PARTY and wish to sell your firearm to CA PRIVATE PARTY in another part
of the state you can have your firearm shipped to a FFL in the buyers area. Here is how you do this:
  • Take your firearm to a FFL.

  • Have (originating) FFL PRINT a DROS form for Gun Shows; he fills out the "Sellers Information" section
    of the form and make a copy of your CA DL or ID card on the back - I also ask for the sellers' thumbprint
    - and SWIPE the DL or ID, and print the info on the back of the form like for Gun Show transactions when
    a computer isn't available.

  • With this DROS filled out, the (originating) FFL can ship the firearm to the buyers' (destination) FFL and
    the (rest of the) paperwork can be filled out. To do this, the (originating) FFL must ship the firearm as verification it is the firearm that came from that person. Shipping cost should be lower then the cost of driving to do the transfer.

    This is how I was told by the DOJ to do this type of transaction.


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