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Originally Posted by Eldraque View Post
your going to want to google the laws for your county, I believe fixed blade knives longer than 2 inches are illegal in all of CA. folders are the way to go imo
No offense but where in the hell did you hear that? ha ha ha I carry a sog seal pup and my Ratmandu every single day on a belt clip. Its not illegal to carry fixed blades, they just need to not be concealed. NOW if your talking about Los Angeles you need to just move out now, they have the single dumbest knife laws in the world. yes, world.

In LA, they have a 3" knife rule for folders, if its longer than 3 inches it cannot be open carried.. Yeah super scary knives over 3" need to be concealed carried...WHAT Yeah thats the rule!

In the real world (outside LA) no limits on folders, just make sure every knife you carry is open carried to avoid problems.

Belt clips are considered exposed so you can carry a folder in your pocket with the clip showing and its good to carry.

If you are carrying for utility thats cool, if your carrying for defense take some classes.
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