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Originally Posted by zeddy View Post
+1 ^^ He can't buy that off the shelve but can buy through PPT.

To me, that's just so stupid. Sure LEOs can but off list handguns from the shelve as non LEOs can't. But, Non LEOs can buy off list handguns through PPT. That off list /unsafe handgun law is just so stupid.

Sorry to thread jack.....

My buddy's dream gun is the Walther PPK. The guy obviously couldn't get one. I ended up selling mine to him through PPT.
I agree:

We are issued unsafe handguns.
We can buy unsafe handguns and carry them on and off duty.
Anyone can buy an unsafe handgun via PPT
Anyone can sell an unsafe handgun via PPT.
As an LEO I can buy unsafe handgun using my exemption or NOT using it. ( Simply buy a consignment hnadgun at the store or form a private seller.)

This is a bunch of BS that makes no sense , does not help with crime,etc.
How much longer will we have to deal with it???????
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