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Originally Posted by CSACANNONEER View Post
That doesn't answer my questions. I'd be interested in finding out who/what company is actually loading the ammo. Or, is this some kind of big secret?

Originally Posted by BigfootHunter View Post
BulletMan - thanks for the response via pm, glad to know you're right with the board, however you still haven't answered the basic questions posed a few times by myself and others:

Where are these made?

What is the company/name on the license?

Do yourself a favor and address the questions being asked of you and your reloading business. Unless you have some specific, odd, or unique reason that you are not willing to answer them, I think you are losing out a bit of business from the guys who are just a little bit more picky and careful as to what rounds they put into their guns.

You have some great pricing and it would be great to have you as a resource, but I'm one of those picky guys.

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