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Default C&R FFL Application Form ATF 7CR - use the official BATFE PDF form!

Update - BATFE not accepting my hacked up PDF C&R application form. I'll keep the original message here for archival purposes.

Instead, you should use the official BATFE C&R application form, found at this URL:

This will work and will get you your C&R FFL!



Awhile back I asked if anyone had a softcopy C&R FFL application form. No one had one. So, I ordered a couple from the ATF in Texas, and 1 month later, I got the forms.

I then set about to scanning the form, then converting it using my copy of Adobe Acrobat to make the application "form compatible" on your PC. I then made sure that the user could save the form with the data typed in.

This will allow you to simply type in your application info, print this out, and send it in. To my knowledge, this is the latest and most up to date C&R application form.

Here is a link to the form:

Removed for now.

Please post any feedback or improvements that need to be made to this form, I spent most of my evening troubleshooting it, but it seems to be pretty clean now.

UPDATE - Improvements made:

1) Font size changed to variable - allows you to enter more information (e.g. extra addresses) if needed without the font being too large
2) CLEO copy automatically fills itself out as you enter your information on the original BATFE form
3) Fonts intentionally kept large for some of the fields - to allow the BATFE to easily read your info

These improvements were made after the initial form's release, so comments in this thread may refer to the original "beta test" form.

If you like this form, please recommend or suggest that others use it, including non-Calgunners. I'd like to spread this form far and wide.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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