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Originally Posted by crufflers View Post
Seems like you'd have to go out of your way to find aluminum cased SD ammo. What specific brand with what bullet has you interested?

As far as your question which seems moot to me... I've had some loaded for years on end and shot some mags of it no issues with case deformation and no issues with function when I've used 9mm or 9x18 Mak...

The SD ammo that I have is Blazer aluminum casings with Gold Dots in 9x18 Mak... never had an issue. I think I've had mags loaded for ten years.
Well... first... I've found it rather easy to grab 9mm Federal aluminum ammo at Walmart. So easy, I bought a 200 aluminum brick thinking it was brass, which, of course, I can't use at my local range. So I thought, well, until I can go to a different (outdoor range), I'll load some of it my stay at home mags. Then came the doubts.

Good to hear your experience. Sounds like I may devote my doubts to more important things... like climate change.
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