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Originally Posted by cmth View Post
You could still convert the Judge into an AOW without needing to replace the barrel for a smoothbore. Smoothbore pistols are automatically classified as AOWs, but nearly any firearm that is not shoulder fired can be converted into an AOW. "Converting" in this case does not involve physically altering the firearm, but changing it from a Title I firearm into a Title II firearm through the ATF Form 1, Application to Make and Register a Firearm. If one were to "convert" a Glock pistol into an AOW, one could legally attach a forward pistol grip to the gun, but not a buttstock. That would require converting the pistol into an SBR.
correct, installing a VFG would make it an AOW as well. The question would be, does the VFG always have to say on the firearm to keep it in AOW status? We could have an 07/02 install a VFG to a Judge, file the Form 2 to register it, and then have it Form 4'ed to the end user. But if the VFG is removed, is it still an AOW that qualifies for the SBS exemption?

We can't Form 1 one in CA since until the Form 1 is approved, we'd have a stock Judge and that would be illegal in CA (unless you were able to disassemble it sufficiantly and dispose of enough parts to avoid constructive possession of an SBS) .

The only practical benefit of converting a Judge into an AOW would be to possibly get around California's short-barreled shotgun definition, which does not require the firearm to have a shoulder stock to be considered an SBS, but to merely be able to fire a fixed shotgun shell with a barrel shorter than 18". Registered AOWs are exempt from being defined as SBSes in California. Personally, I do not find the Judge to be worth all of the hassle necessary to legally own one in this state. That Witness Protection AOW is another story.
I wouldn't disagree with that. Seems like a lot of work to own a marginal firearm.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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