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Originally Posted by thefinger View Post
+1. LAR-15 is a pretty common OLL found here in CA. I don't see how you run any greater risk with an LAR-15 than any other OLL. Either the cop understands the concept of "off-list" or he doesn't.
I would be shocked if they made up even 5% of the OLL market place. But since I sell everything BUT the lower, I could be wrong. Happens to me all the time.

When it comes down to it, if it is legal to own then it is legal to own. Follow Bills advice to make sure you meet the letter of the law.

Perhaps it is because I was around when BlackHawkOps was arrested for owning OLLs, I tend to be more cautious than a lot of the newer OLL guys. That guy had to spend time in jail, lost a ton of money, had his military security clearance and thus his military police career messed with, never got all his belongings back, and was painted as a "nut" by news programs and newspapers across the country. All because someone saw a picture of him on his myspace page holding an OLL build. Bear in mind, he did not win. They reached a plea agreement. There is a big difference. They dropped most of the charges, but not all of them. The piled a lot of other bogus charges onto him, so the could strip a few things off later and still get him for at least something. Making it much wiser to plea out to something minor than go to court and fight each and every charge. Real life is definately not fair.

Odds are you will not encounter any problems at all. More and more police and DAs are becoming aware these things are out there and are legal. Back when BlackHawkOps got into trouble, these were no where near as common place and there was a lot of behind the scenes political games being played. The only real worry you have is confusion on the part of the arresting officer, DA or Judge or running into somebody with an agenda other than their win loss record. Both situations are a lot more rare than they used to be, if not almost non-existant.

I just would really hate to see you become the next BlackHawkOps. It would really suck. That's all I was trying to say.

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