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In another thread people were discussing building pistols from virgin "long gun" receivers, theorizing that if they were never a rifle federally it's ok to make a pistol and it's unclear if doing so would violate any CA laws as long as you make it a dimensionally compliant single shot first and then avoid making a pistol "Assault Weapon".

I wonder if that operation could be cleaned up if you made an AOW?

First, if you have your NFA trust set up properly can you fill out a form 1 and get an AOW tax stamp for a bare receiver?

If you can, now you have a legal AOW and federal paperwork to back it up. Are there any California laws that I might be charged with violating?

I know it can't be a pistol "AW" and it has to be built as a roster exempt single shot first, but if I built an AOW that way, it sounds like I can avoid a lot of roster drama and have an AOW that isn't in any CA database.

The reason I ask this question is because I'm thinking of a Saiga 12 AOW. I heard that someone might be making a reciever that I could purchase normally instead of having to figure out how to bend one from a flat. Since Saiga 12 cruisers don't exist in the U.S., buying a virgin receiver this way seems to be the easiest way to get to a Saiga 12 AOW.
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