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So clearly the choice here is the AMD combo.

I am no longer an AMD fanboi but old habits die hard...

I did like what I saw when I looked at the Sabertooth 990FX board. I ended up getting 8GB of ram @ 1833 I think, a Phenom X6 1100 and the mobo for about a combined price of around $379. I did not have a sabertooth though, it was a Biostar 990FX and I chose it because it had some nice features, but USB 3 was a WEIRD plug and I dunno how common those are now. It did not have your usb front and back headers though, I think it only had 2.0 front and back and a 3.0 port or two in the rear. I could be wrong, I would have to go and look. Check it out:

As for HDMI and recording stuff, that will usually be found in a vid capping device (hauppage makes one) made to record gaming sessions and stuff. but it will be hdmi or other connections into the device and then via usb or firewire it will go to your comp.

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