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Originally Posted by GLOCKINGRAT View Post
after having the ok from my lady
Is the lady going to be okay with being in a new location and you being gone for 12 months? boredom really does suck and getting a job isn't always easy at a new location. Army deployments are 12 months, then I think Marines are 7 months and AF was 3 months and Navy was 6 months. I'm only sure about the Army the others are just guesses.

Is $1,757 per month (before tax) going to be fine with you. Don't count housing since they'll provide housing.

Think this through, it's not like you're just gonna work another job it's a whole change of lifestyle. It's easier when you're 18.

Honestly I couldn't do it now, even though I'm still within the age range but it was a lot easier when I was 18. It was like a bad nightmare, okay it wasn't too bad I was just outta shape.

Yes life after the military is very important, don't choose to be a mechanic and then expect to work in an office after you get out.

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