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I was in the Army over 26 years, "If you want to join a fraternity in arms, join the Army or Marines" is the best way to go. You don't know what the future holds, but working with people who have your back is the way to go. I was station on bases of all the branches. AF, easiest, but everyone was an individual, no REAL team work. Frustrated airmen looking for the military experience used to show-up to run PT with my units. They would hang out with my soldiers, complain about the AF, being too lax. I liked USMC bases best. Great teamwork, great guys!! I knew no Marine would EVER let me down!! Navy, not too impressed, always seemed to have some excuse why something didn't or couldn't get done.

Summary: AF best bases, quality of life, least work. USMC, could spend more money on quality of life, work HARD, great teamwork!! Army, good balance, good oportunities ( I went from: enlisted-nco-wo/cwo-commisioned). Navy, not too impressed.

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