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Just made my combo holster for my XD-45.

I am thinking the 45 "might" be a little big for doing a gun+magazine combo. But I can wear it with a loose T-shirt and it doesn't print. and I normally wear dress shirts.

If anyone is interested in this, I am not selling them at the moment. This is the first one I have made and I want to wear it for awhile, break it in, see if I notice any problems. But after I ensure it is a solid product I will be offering them for sale if anyone is interested. They will be more expensive than just the holster naturally, this thing was a pain to make.

I know this type of setup is not for everyone. Someone in another thread mentioned having to cross over your body to grab the magazine, and I get that. but for me it is convenient and I have had numerous request from people for this type of setup. So I know there are people out there that would like this type of setup.

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