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Your number display board is broken in Reseda and has been for a long long time, calling who is next and comparing numbers to see who has the lowest works, but it would be nice to see how close you are to being up while browsing other items. Like others have stated I think it would add more of a sense of order as well.

In case you cannot find a new board I found one online for your.

Your ticket dispenser is kind of hard to see and looks as though it has seen better days, here it is in a package.

Its not a huge deal to me though, I'm ridiculously patient.

Thanks for the great service this weekend, I picked up a shotgun on Saturday and came back and grabbed the S&W 460 you had on display on Sunday, I had been considering having it special ordered for a few months and couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Cheers -Jon

(and no I don't own the sites I linked or even know if they are reliable or reputable, it was basically the only LED queue number signs I could find)
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